Texas itself is the kind of place that if you have never visited it, and been able to take part in the rich cultures that make up the great state, it’s almost impossible to describe it. With a place so vast and full of so much musical talent to be able to stand out and carve a name for yourself is a daunting task to most. Dro Fe is a South Texas based artist with a musical reach that extends from Deep South Texas on the borders of Texas & Mexico , but also to both the east and west coasts respectively. With the release of his latest visual for “I’m Just Sayin” featuring another Texas rap legend Z-Ro. A smash single by the duo off of Dro Fes’ latest release “No Borders” that it self has over a quarter million plays on soundcloud. Peep the video and spread the love.

Written by BODslamo

Blogger, and Production/Stage manager from TX.