Cash Money and Street Money own Turk and Bankroll Fresh team up for a Ballin Like A Hotboy Tour. Both artist have been working together on plenty of projects. This time they reunite and put together a tour which should be reminiscent of the Hotboys (of Cash Money).

Bankroll Fresh is a young Atlanta rapper that has really drop some heat over this past year. Thanksgiving week Bankroll named that week Banksgiving. He had a busy week the young artist dropped a movie (Take Over Your Trap) starring: 2chainz, Boochie, Skoolboy, Kidd,Quay,Streetmoney Red and more. Now he’s been on tour doing movie premieres in different states.

The Street Money rapper also dropped his self-titled mixtape Bankroll Fresh, which was released on Livemixtapes. I must say 2016 will be a great year for Bankroll, While Turk is heating up the streets with his YNT Empire. Turk dropped a hit single called “Ugghhh” and the streets really needed that. Turk has been back on the music scene since his prison release and has been working nonstop. Over the summer him and the original Hotboyz came together at the Lil Weezyana Fest. If they can put together a tour that would be dope! Stay tuned for Turk and Bankroll “Ballin Like A Hot Boy Tour”.

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Written by Tazhia