Today I got the chance to watch the piece of art that is the film “Whiplash“. This movie is about a promising young drummer played by Miles Teller who enrolls at a music conservatory where he dreams of greatness. His teacher and mentor, who is played by J.K. Simmons, is a cut-throat, intense, to the bone, push you till you can’t go anymore and then some more type of of teacher. His genius is that he will stop at nothing to bring out a student’s true potential. This film is an amazing watch, writer and director Damien Chazelle must have had a clear vision for this film because these actors did a great job of diving deep into their characters. Miles Teller makes you feel for him and want him to improve and want him to keep drumming, he has that underdog story and momentum going for him throughout the film. J.K. Simmons is a teacher who truly loves the art of the music. He wants to bring greatness out of his students, he wants to create a musical genius, a legend. There isn’t a dull moment throughout this film, and I can’t speak for it enough without giving any spoilers. The movie was also good because it didn’t play out like I thought it would. That was nice for a change. Overall I have to say the movie left me with a good feeling.

Overall: 4/5

Written by Bob Stewart

I am a passionate person. I try to keep a happy attitude anywhere and everywhere. I'm a Stage IV Cancer Survivor. I rap, i have a studio next to my room that Ricky P works out of. Which fills me with tons of ideas and is the ultimate spot for...
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