Last week Hardo took hold of the number one spot with Trapnati and Chevy Woods made a strong finish for second place with For The Money. Although the Taylor gang artist had a big push for that song, this week he had a surprise voting that enabled Chevy to stay in the top two with a different song. Right at number three is newcomer (to the top ten list) Stunna2Fly with Stunna Man Back, which has become a fast mover into the top ten weekly.

Battling for the top five are D.Yerk with Ashtray, Owey with WHOA, and FTR Drama with Not Ya Man. All three songs are pretty close in spins this week but D.Yerk’s Ashtray has the slight edge over the other two jams.

While GI’s Da Plug stays buzzing to new listeners so comes Loyal and Shig’s infectious Harder. Da Plug has a hook that is undeniable and Harder does the same but the feel for both songs create a good debate for which one is the better song. Then filling out the final spot on the Top Ten Weekly is Asco’s tribute to a local northside legend “Bo” (who was murdered in 2014) with Legends Live Forever. This song has made it to the top ten not just because of the bounce that is provided but also the impact it has when this record is spun.


Honorable mention:

Tairey – Zodiac

KH – Wanna Go? Feat FTR Drama

Keep your favorite song in the top ten by spreading the word – plays determines whether they stay or go. Also the bottom two songs can be voted out next week, so if your not feeling the bottom two songs by the following friday you’ll have the opportunity to vote for the honorable mention songs!


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