img_3992 Yesterday April 6th we premiered our first show via internet radio on the BorNetwork based in Pittsburgh. Team BlogOrDie hosts Motor Mane, YungKa, and myself will be live every Monday night beginning at 7pm. Our first official guest was Pittsburgh rapper Real Deal!

img_4055¬†I introduced by segment: Over The Weekend W/ Ms Honey which you can tune in every Monday at :15 to hear about events, juicy topics and more that went down over the weekend and on social media. If you’re wondering how you can tune in, you can download the Mixlr App on your iPhone or Android or from you desktop log in to We will begin to videotape our show so that you can check us on Ustream and Youtube! We have a great guest line up for shows to come so make sure you tune in every Monday night.


Also on our radio show we have the Sports segment of course handled by the fellas Motor and Yung Ka, they’re like the Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith of debates for this segment. Also during our broadcast you can check out our Top Ten Weekly which we drop on SoundCloud, you’ll get the chance to hear the songs live.





BlogorDie Radio is all about debating topics with experience, knowledge, and facts. We are a PG-13 rated station that will feature our take on current events, trending topics, music, sports, and entertainment.

Every Monday we will feature a guest whom we shall debate a topic with. Also featured is Ms.Honey’s OVER THE WEEKEND segment where she will start off the week with what you might have missed over the past weekend.

The show will not allow cursing (some words maybe allowed) and will display all original music submitted by artists as well as our Top Ten Weekly. Internet released music, indie music, and club music. No nationally syndicated radio music will be played on our station. Blogordie Radio is an underground music radio circuit.

Starting a new trend we will debate the topics you want to debate with the people you want to hear from!

Tune in on Mondays 7p-9pm


You’re in luck! If you missed last night’s show you can check it out here.

Written by MsHoney