For the second week in a row Blogordie Radio has been blessed with some bangers, most are returning from last week. A few new faces on this week’s Top Ten Weekly. Every day a song is subject to be surpassed for the Top spot.

This week unfortunately 3 Phonez – Money Never Sleeps and “Zoo” by Hubbs and Git Beats didn’t make the cut. Two new songs were added to this week’s list including a new record from Beedie as well as KH’s “Personal”. The competition for plays is where the final decision is made so, if your favorite artist/song isn’t booming, help get it poppin! Shout out the song/artist to your families/friends to get that song with the most plays into the top spot.

To kick off Top Ten Weekly at number Ten is:

10. Personal – KH (of Mo $crill)

  • 1st week on the Top Ten

9. Count On Us – Beedie

  • 1st week on the Top Ten

8. Stop Sleeping – Joell Kellum

  • 2nd week on TTW (3.8k)

7. Fooled – Courtney Noelle

  • 2nd week on TTW (5.3k)

6. Illest Walking – Truley AP

  • 2nd week on TTW (5.7k)

5. Gucci Gucci – PDOLO

  • 2nd week on TTW (6k)

4. Goin To The Top – D.Yerk

  • 2nd week on TTW (7.9k)

3. Control – Latia

  • 2nd week on TTW (9.4k)

2. Harder – Shig & Loyal

  • 2nd week on TTW (11.4k)

1. The Peak – Tairey

  • 2nd week on TTW (22.6k)

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