Southpaw is an amazing story about a boxer, Billy Hope (Jake Gyllenhaal), who has lived his life boxing and winning. He uses the pain to come back and fight stronger. When his wife (Rachel McAdams) is killed his life falls to shambles. Billy Hope has to find himself again to regain his daughter and life in boxing. The story revolves around him coming back and evolving as he finds how to move on and live without his wife and be a strong boxer and a stronger father. Director, Antoine Fuqua and Writer, Kurt Sutter did an awesome job telling out this suspenseful and enticing story. And of course the soundtrack by Shady Records was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed this film and would strongly recommend it.

Written by Bob Stewart

I am a passionate person. I try to keep a happy attitude anywhere and everywhere. I'm a Stage IV Cancer Survivor. I rap, i have a studio next to my room that Ricky P works out of. Which fills me with tons of ideas and is the ultimate spot for...
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