image2.PNGimage1.PNGSky High Apparel is a clothing line, that operates in Pittsburgh, PA. that has been established since 2012. The clothing line started as a music group, looking for a brand that the people can stand behind. Applying the group logo to clothing, such as T-Shirts and Hoodies seemed to catch people’s attention, and people started to request Sky High Apparel after seeing artist wearing the brand. People wanted to become a part of the Sky High movement.

Owner/Manager Kevin Stephens said, “We feel the people of the community need something or someone that they can truly stand behind. And Sky High is that brand people can believe in.”

The business tactic to brand the music group, quickly spiraled into a whole separate business. Which now exists as, “Sky High.”

The owners/creators are Kevin Stephens Jr. (Manager) , Pride Rivers (Artist), and Mont’e Marshman.

The Sky High Apparel logo is a cartoon like character in the image of a cloud, giving a salute. The cloud speaks for itself, and makes an instant connection to the name, Sky High. When you think of the Sky, you think of clear blue skies, sun, and clouds; which is why a cloud was used in the design.

Sky High wants their brand to reach a broad audience of all people. No matter, the race, gender, or age.

The brand of Sky High is rapidly moving through the city of Pittsburgh, and they are still invested in taking the brand to new heights.

“We are representation of the city showing how hard work and dedication can better your circumstances no matter where you come from “ALWAYS DREAM BIG BECAUSE THE SKY IS THE LIMIT.” Thats a message everyone in the city, not only needs to hear, but see that we put into action,” Kevin Stephens said.

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Written by MusicChic