Owey started rapping back in 2008, through a studio owned by James Proctor on the West Side of Pittsburgh. Owey was born and raised in Pittsburgh, from the Broadhead & Sheraden area on the West Side of the city. Long time, well-known rap artist has recently released a song entitled, “Testimony.” Testimony quickly turned heads and opened ears, because Owey presented a different style of music where he reflected on his life’s trials and tribulations.

Owey said,”It’s just what I was going through at the time. I want to show people it’s not all about shinning and stunting. I have real issues as well, but the song just came to me and I didn’t even write any lyrics down. The song basically wrote itself.”

He felt the record, Testimony was an instant hit, and gave his fans an opportunity to see him in a different light. Owey decided to spill his heart out on the record, and let listeners in on his life and day-to-day issues many of us face. It was important to him to be able to relate to his fans on a personal level, and be real, raw, and authentic.

And fans are defintely feeling Testimony and are looking forward to more music.

“When you know what you have keep it bottled up inside of you until its time to release it. Don’t move forward without truly believing in yourself, because once your out there your out there, and you only get one shot… Make the best of it,” Owey said.

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Written by MusicChic