The other day Lil Wayne dropped a remix of Bankroll Fresh’s single “Hot Boy“. Lil Wayne came with some hard flows. Of course the Weezy haters will complain of a ‘whiny’ voice or some nonsense. However, this is the Lil Wayne we have always enjoyed throughout the years. The man is about the game and continues to evolve his craft in different ways. The “Hot Boy” [Remix] is a jam with some classic Weezy verses. He came through with tons of clever word play and amazing timing. The hook shows the southern part of Wayne‘s demography. This is a jam produced by Stevie J and its on Stevie J‘s mixtape,”Appreciation 8“. Stevie J definitely did his thing on this beat and slayed it. Stevie tee’d Wayne up for a great remix. I can only hope to see more songs of the same caliber with hard rhymes from Lil Wayne in the future. I enjoyed listening to this track for many reasons and would definitely suggest it.

Written by Bob Stewart

I am a passionate person. I try to keep a happy attitude anywhere and everywhere. I'm a Stage IV Cancer Survivor. I rap, i have a studio next to my room that Ricky P works out of. Which fills me with tons of ideas and is the ultimate spot for...
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