Monday night Comedy Central held their 14th Roast. The roast is an event where celebrities, mainly comics, gather to pay tribute to one special person by roasting them with cruel-humor jokes. For the 14th Roast Justin Bieber had the honor of being roasted, on his 21st birthday, and by an amazing panel of roasters. The roasters were people from all sorts of backgrounds, not only comics. The panel consisted of Hannibal Buress, Snoop Dogg, Chris D’Elia, Natasha Leggero, Shaquille O’Neal, Jeffery Ross, Pete Davidson, Ludacris, and Martha Stewart. There was even a surprise from Will Ferrell acting as Ron Burgundy. Kevin Hart hosted the event and did a great job of doing so. He came out and immediately landed a few hard hitting jokes on Bieber. You could tell the crowd had been tense at first awaiting Bieber’s response. Once everyone saw Justin could take a joke and laugh it seemed to break the ice. From there everyone seemed to let loose, holding nothing back. It was quite an interesting roast with the mix of people involved. Not only comics but people from all walks of the entertainment industry. However it did seem most had come more for the publicity or some other reason that wasn’t about Justin. This is excluding the exception, Chris D’Elia, Justin’s favorite comic.

           Regardless of the reason, it was intriguing to see people like Shaq, Snoop and Martha Stewart perform comedy. It was something we don’t see everyday. Surprisingly all of them had amazing, funny sets, roasting everyone, and holding nothing back. It was solid, cold cut comedy. There wasn’t a dull moment during the roast. It did get fairly heated for a moment. Hannibal Buress got a little too real when he said, “They say that you roast the ones you love, but I don’t like you at all, man. I’m just here because it’s a real good opportunity for me.” He even went on to add, “Actually, you should thank me for participating in this extremely transparent attempt to be more likable in the public eye.” It got pretty tense for a while as it seemed almost everyone else on the panel felt a similar way. Regardless, everyone still performed great sets and seemed to have fun with each other. Hard hitting jokes were in abundance which went from telling Martha Stewart to put her ankle bracelet on vibrate, to Bieber telling Shaq he’s probably hit more pedestrians with his car than Shaq has hit 3-pointers.

        It was a great surprise when Will Ferrell came out in full Ron Burgundy character to roast Bieber. He went on a rant starting with “You people don’t know what the hell you’re talking about! As far as I’m concerned, this man is doing it right!” He then went on to proudly list many of the public mishaps Bieber has been involved with, like when he pissed in a mop bucket, or his laser tag assault incident, applauding him as a badass, as “the man”. It was an amazing moment in comedy. At the end of every roast the person getting roasted, the roastee, gets to turn the tables. Surprisingly, Bieber came with some good jokes and harsh punchlines. He had some very funny hard hitting jokes for everyone on the panel and even was able to make fun of himself as well. The event was put on well and was fun to watch. After Bieber roasted everyone he took time to get serious and apologize for his past and public wrong doings, saying it won’t happen again, he’s growing, ect… I’m not knocking his apology, but wrong place, wrong time. After a long night of comedy where a lot of the jokes focused on everyones’ mistakes, it probably would have been better to just say nothing. Either way it was a great night of comedy and I would recommend you check it out if you haven’t seen it.

Overall Roast of Justin Bieber: 8/10

Hannibal Buress letting Justin know how he really feels.

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Written by Bob Stewart

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