Juicy J dropped a new video for his track, “For Everybody” featuring Wiz Khalifa, and R. City. This is a dope turn up jam about “these hoes”. Juicy and Wiz got on the track addressing the skeezy females who are mostly party jumpers looking to sleep with someone famous or of their entourage every night. Juicy J also touches in his verse on the new ratchet internet hoes. Wiz comes in with a real hard and pretty serious verse. He talks about learning through his relationship, and what his friends and family were seeing at the time but he now knows, anything goes with these hoes. R. City comes with a hard interlude telling people to stop cuffin these hoes. This track is dope, the beat is hard and I could see it going up in a club. The verses are ill for so many reasons. Juice flexes on the game as he brings other rappers names up and trashes these hoes. Wiz murders his verse like I said with some real talk on these hoes. R.City is there for a nice dope touch at the end. Overall I think the single is dope and will boom with the fans.

Written by Bob Stewart

I am a passionate person. I try to keep a happy attitude anywhere and everywhere. I'm a Stage IV Cancer Survivor. I rap, i have a studio next to my room that Ricky P works out of. Which fills me with tons of ideas and is the ultimate spot for...
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