Owey, yet another promising rapper from Pittsburgh, climbing virtual charts with his new hot single, “Whoa.” Guaranteed, the first time you take a listen to this hot record, you’ll be bobbing your head to the beat.

Owey said, “I was in the car listening to music one day to some old Big Tymers, and I just wanted to restore the feeling of that type of music. Music now-a-days is a hit or miss, nothing really sticks; so I just went back to the old formula.”

“Whoa” has been an instant club banger, and has already been played in a variety of clubs in numerous cities. Atlanta, GA. especially has enjoyed the record, and its club sound. Rumor has it, Whoa quickly turned the crowd up from 0-100 real quick once the record was played. The unique rhythm and catchy lyrics are spreading through the music world like wild fire.

Whoa is available on iTunes, Soundcloud, and Youtube. As Owey says, in his latest song “Money comes quick” and more money will surely come if Rapper, Owey continues to drop hot music like Whoa.

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Written by MusicChic