Chevy Woods recently dropped his newest music video for “Sticc to the Plan” from Gangland 3.  The video is quite trippy, from the blurred camera effects, to the light trails, and all the lighting changes. The song and video fit together quite nicely. The ambient beat mixes with the trippy visuals to make a dope experience. Chevy is seen mostly on a couch spitting his verses like a pimp. We also see bits of club scenes and flashes of females throughout the club and on the couch with Chev. Chevy talks that pimp shit throughout the song, so seeing him on his pimp shit in the video only makes sense. Taylor Gang has always put together dope videos and Chevy only continues that trend with “Sticc to the Plan”

What do you guys think of the “Sticc to the Plan” Video? leave a comment!

Written by Bob Stewart

I am a passionate person. I try to keep a happy attitude anywhere and everywhere. I'm a Stage IV Cancer Survivor. I rap, i have a studio next to my room that Ricky P works out of. Which fills me with tons of ideas and is the ultimate spot for...
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