Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 2.57.21 PM Last night’s episode of Being Mary Jane took the turn of the season we didn’t see coming. Mary Jane maybe serious this time around ending the situation with David, and she also tries to make good with friendships she messed up in the past.

Mary Jane is on her high horse with these hormone shots, as she waits days to see if she is pregnant by David she also makes a big decision with her career –‘Talk Black’. After the big blow out between her and Neicey she tries to apologize but it doesn’t go her way, as Neicey gives her a dose of her own medicine.

Mary Jane reveals why she really had sex with David and she also reaches out to an out friend to try to do a business deal together but she is shocked when none of her calls are returned. Mary Jane also breaks the bad news to David about their future via text, which adds insult to injury.


Watch the full episode 7 here and tune in next Tuesday at 10pm on BET.

Written by MsHoney